Rearward Facing Baby or Booster seat


Can you put in the age off the baby

Standards compliant, clean and modern baby seats can be supplied if needed – modern baby seats $5:20 per seats
baby & booster 

seats for car & buses up to 13 seats.

Max 3 baby seats per Car or Bus
Buses 14 seats and up do not have baby seats

Buses (more than 12 seats)

A driver of a bus,
that is designed to seat over 12 adults (including the driver), is not
required to ensure passengers, including those under 16 years of age are
in a restraint.Under the Road Rules, Bus drivers are exempt from the requirement for
children aged less than seven years to be restrained in a child
restraint, if there is no suitable restraint available in the bus.

If the bus has more than 12 seating positions, including the driver, the
children are not required to use child restraints or booster seats.

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